Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Since now, CD disks cleaning was done with a lot of dangerous chemicals.
Our system works only with fresh water and nothing else.



 Compact disks washing line



CD disks are made out of Polycarbonate that's a very valuable material.
After a couple of years of trial, we came up with a pretty easy system in position to get the flakes clean using only fresh water.
We do know there are other ways to get them clean without messing with water (that of course gets dirty, therefore needs a filtration system and all these good stuff) but, because we succeed to wash DVD the same way, doesn't matter if mixed with other CDs etc., we believe we are step a head.
The system is completely automatic, self adjusting and deliver a clear flake ready to be used for any application.
Curious about how we do it ?
By friction.
Now, to say by friction is kind of easy, while to realize the machine that does it, has been a little more complicated but we did succeed and to tell you all the true, we're very proud of it.
To see how the line looks like, click HERE
It is also possible to start from the whole jewel case and separate paper, both crystal and anti-shock Polystirene and, of course, Polycarbonate.