Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Lines for HDPE bottles and drums are pretty easy.
Our washing machine will remove all dirt, doesn't matter how sticky it is.
We'll be happy to run a trial test for you and make you see what we can get.
Here some examples about how the line appears.



 HDPE bottles and drums recycling lines



You will notice all systems are easy to understand and therefore easy to run.
All contaminants will be removed, doesn't matter what.
Also drying is not big deal for this kind of scraps and you should expect a moisture content not over 0,5%
Going to pelletizing we do suggest at least a venting unit anyway.
For the different configuration please click the links:
The complete line for HDPE bottles washing
High capacity, high contaminated HDPE bottles and drums washing line
The complete washing line with pelletizing