Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Most countris should separate plastic and recycle it by the law.
This plastic is a mixture of different plastics together with some garbage so quality at the end can be anything but very good.



 Plastic scraps recycling



Mix plastics means plastics collected from garbage automatic or manual selection.
The average composition is what follows:
60 % LDPE
12 % HDPE
8 % PP
5 % Multi-layer packaging films
3 % PS
3 % PET
2  % PVC
7 % Non sortable garbage (Fabrics, cleaning pads, foamed materials, etc.)
It will never be possible to get a material good for film or other fine applications but only a decent material that goes into injection molding, lumber production and so on.
In our opinion the only way to make money with this kind of recycling is to get an high productive line, in other words something with a throughput over 1500 Kg/hour.
HERE some layouts of this kind of line.
Please note all of them are equipped with the continuous agglomerator, a machine that can handle almost everything in terms of contamination and moisture content.
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