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Other plastics are not "strange plastics" but only scraps nobody takes in consideration because too little quantity, too difficult to handle or, sometimes, too expensive to be recyled.
Fortunately, in some countris, the recycling of "difficult" plastics is subsidized and this makes it profitable



 Plastic scraps recycling



Of course, more than common known scraps, there are many more that can be recycled.
To list them all it will take forever, nevertheless we will mention some just to give you an idea of what can be found around.
Automotive recycling generates a lot of plastic that's normally dumped in nowadays but this will not last long; landfills are starting to reject this kind of massive scraps.
Plastic scraps coming from fridges or computers demolition is something that someone took in consideration once again not because it is profitable but only because this cannot be land any more.
Some more examples are TetraPack film scraps, paper mills plastic scraps, recording tapes and cassettes, foamed items, fishing nets, ropes of many kind and you name it.
Because each category has its own system, each one is different from the other and all of them very technical, we'll release information only on request.
If you do have something that's not mentioned in our list, go head and tell us what it is; may be we did mess already with it, you never know.