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Agglomerators are used when materials are fluffy and feeding of extruders is difficult.
Because agglomerators work by friction, drying is also achieved during operation.
After material is agglomerated it is dry and heavy enough to be put into a mixing silo, for better compounding, in order to get a steady material ready for pelletizing.
Because bulk density is much higher, storage in gaylords and/or big bags is also possible.


 Agglomerators (Densifiers)



Agglomerators, also called "densifiers" are machines to convert fluffy scraps into chips with an higher density in order to better feed extruders or Injection molding machines.
This means the machine does nothing but increase the bulk density of plastic.
While doing this, agglomerators provide for drying firt therefore many times this machine is also used for drying purposes.
There are two kinds of agglomerators:
First one in the Batch Type Agglomerator while, recently developed and tested, a Continuous Type that doesn't require operator.
This last one can also be directly connected to an extrder to get pellets.
For more details about each type please follow its own link.
Pictures of Agglomerators