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Classifiers are mainly used to separate, in our case, chips and flakes by size.
Classifiers are also used to separate liquids from solids and, in the meantime, size classification can occur as well.
Some flat vibrating classifiers are (improperly) used for drying with the aid of (expensive) hot air.


 Classifiers for plastic scraps recycling



This system has been invented some, many, centuries ago, and still is working pretty well.
The principle is absolutely the same, the only difference is that in nowadays it cost thousands of times more; that's it.
It is used to separate materials by dimension by means of a screen.
There are many variables to it, of course, it can be equipped with multiple screens with different outlets for each dimension, with air aid to dry or to separate light flakes, with high or low frequency to get different results or even to make one kind of flake to go one way and the other one the opposite one.
Classifiers can be flat, slightly inclined or circular and you should choose it according with the job the classifier is supposed to do.
There are too many applications for this kind of item to be listed; what we want to tell you is, once again, to pay attention to the fact you choose the right model for your specific application and not a "general purpose" one that may work but it may not as well, and for working we mean something that runs trouble-free, without the needing to be cleaned every so often etc.