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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Every washing line a set of machines one after another.
This may sound stupid but actually is not.
For example conveyor belts, that are very simple devices, should be chosen to handle, together with plastic scraps, also dirt of all kind, water, sticky liquids and whatever else.
So, not giving importance to small, easy stuff, can be very dangerous and expensive.
Downtime is the most expensive "item" that you didn't buy but that can come together with the line.


 Plastic scraps recycling



Everybody knows what a conveyor belt is and everybody know conveyor belts are easy to find, pretty cheap stuff so, no big deal.
Then you realize you belt doesn't stay in its track, a lot of dirt sticks and builds up on edge rolls, it's almost impossible to clean it and so on.
And for a stupid conveyor belt you didn't give any importance to, you're stock.
So, once again, details are important for all components of the system because if a little something doesn't work, or doesn't work properly anyway, all the system doesn't perform as it should and you lose money.
Few tips to help you to choose the right device for transporting scraps and use it well:
The take off roll should pull the belt and not pushing it.
More than one "scraper" on the internal bottom side will not hurt anything.
If it shouldn't carry heavy weight, get it made out of Aluminum.  It will never rust.
Once every month or so, check the tension just pushing the bottom by hands. It takes a second.
If belt goes out of track, more than likely something rolled up on one of the two ends. Do not touch the tension screws before checking both rolls.
Each side of each roll has one bearing with a greasing point.  
You know that.  Do you ?
Well, it is there waiting for you to use it, may be only once a year (it's enough) but use it.
Motor-reducers have now mineral oil that last forever and if conveyor is a good quality one, you can forget about it.
If motor-reducer gives you problems, it is not the gear box itself but something wrong in the mechanical set up.
So, conveyors are easy to get, easy to operate and maintain; they do need little attention, meaning a little and not none at all.