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Because nobody can guarantee the steady quality of scraps, mixing, specially before going to extrusion is in many case more than suggested.
A simple mixing silo will do the job, plus the fact it works like a "dryer" (de-humidifier) if you flakes are still too wet to be put straight into the extruder.
This will also save you a lot of space and man power to handle materials.


Mixing silo for plastic scraps



If you are handling "in house scraps recycling" this may not be interesting for you, but for the rest of recyclers world it surely is.
As I said somewhere else in this pages, in fact, scraps out of the same source and with the same characteristics all the time, are very difficult to find.
This device therefore, is kind of compulsory for most of everybody, specially when the final product is in pellet form.
To make an example, after film and mix plastics washing, you have a clean and dry chip that's a mixture of different colours and MFI values so, if you go straight to pelletizing, your final product will be sometimes too soft, too hard, too something else and you may have problems selling it, also because you don't know what you deliver.
If you mix everything up, before going to extrusion, your pellets will be a steady quality, not necessarily a good one, but the same one.
This is one of the devices people don't care much about, but it should be instead in any plastic recycling factory.
It needs to be built strong, heavy and with the concept "the bigger the better"
And the quality of your product will increase.