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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Plastic recycling machinery are working with water, in a dirty environment therefore mechanical construction is as important as technology.
The basic concept needs to be easy to handle, maintain and fix when it comes the time.
This because dirt wears out machinery sooner than you think and, by the way, stainless steel is softer than regular carbon steel and wears out even faster.


 Plastic scraps recycling



Pre-washing of plastic scraps should be considered when quantity and/or quality of contamination exceeds the standard (if anything can be called "standard" in plastic recycling).
Pre-washing is something you may want to consider dealing with agro-film, film with a lot of paper contamination, PET and HDPE bottles (because of labels and glue) and all "difficult to detach" contamination.
Pre-washing, saves granulator and/or shredder blades from wearing but, on the other side, decreases the possibility to go with a dry granulator and this is, sometimes, a bigger problem than going into it with dirty scraps.
So, the matter should be evaluated very carefully taking into consideration what's positive and the other face of the medal,
There are many ways to pre-wash scraps depending on volume, size and mainly, type of contamination, meaning a standard system doesn't exist and many parameters should be considered all the time.
It goes by itself, for example, that pre-washing with hot water, and sometimes with the aid of some chemicals, detergents and so on, delivers an easy to handle product to the rest of the washing line but the other question is "how much it cost" at least from operating point of you.
If you are one of the Big Guys out there that doesn't care about operating costs because you have a return as imagine, it is a matter, while if you're trying to make some money, you should consider everything very carefully.