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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
In quite many systems, rinsing is, if not more, at least as much important as washing.
Specially when using chemicals, rinse-drying means to remove all chemical residues left on the surface with the double advantage to recover chemicals and deliver a pure flake to the rest of the system.


 Rinse-drying of plastic scraps flakes



The name tells you what it is but applications are very many.
The main one, and what it has been built for, is to take flakes coming from a wet environment, get rid of what it was on the surface adding some fresh water, and remove it before going out.
Let's make some examples for a better understanding:
Out of washing machine, depending on plastic material that's been washed, there are traces of lose dirt that are easily, and completely, removed by this machine.
If flakes are coming out from a tank where chemical are present, this machine removes them completely and flakes are ready for final rinsing (in a sink-float clear water tank) and drying.
If used right after a wet granulator, this machine removes a very high amount of dirt, even before going to the washing line itself.
When used for film application, even if the name remains the same, we do use it, and it performs very well, to wash flakes because it is a combination of friction together with water, that's exactly what's needed to get material clean.