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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Cutting is one of critical point of any recycling line.
The right machine for this job should be chosen paying a lot of attention to it.
Cutting is also one of the most expensive points of the line so, in this case, it worth spending a little more to save big later.


 Shredders for plastic scraps recycling



All shredders, like any machine located at the very beginning of the line, is supposed to accept everything.  Not true
If somebody told you this you have two choices: first one is to try yourself, and it's going to be expensive, or be more careful and organize a kind of "inspection" before loading scraps into it.
I'm talking about a piece of blade out of hardened steel left into scraps bale or a piece of the baler that fall into for no reasons and so on.
If something like this goes into the shredder, you can be absolutely sure the shredder, any kind of shredder, will be damaged.
Talking about single shaft shredders, we found two different categories; first one is "tearing type" and second is the cutting one.
Let's see the what's good and what not between the two:
First one cannot be equipped with any grid therefore the result in terms of size is unknown or, to say it better, anything from 100 by 100 (mm.) to 250 by 1000 in the worse case.
But the good part of it is the fact this machine needs low maintenance and it has a low power consumption; also because power required is directly proportional to the number of cuttings or, in other words, the less you cut the less power will be needed.
Second type has a grid, so size will be according to grid holes and rotating blades working against a fixed one; just like a granulator.
The big difference stays in the fact that quantity of material to be fed to the rotor can be adjusted according to the kind of material itself; and this is not a little thing.
I do think that all machinery involved in recycling should be, somehow, adjustable so, whatever material you are going to have, there will be something to do to make the machine to perform the best possible way.
Another category of shredders are the two shafts shredder.
Two shafts shredders are well known to be low power consumption machines.
On the other side, maintenance in pretty critical and expensive.
These machines, in fact, are well working when slow rotating blades are well sharpen, meaning if you deal with clean industrial scraps, you want to go with this but, if post-consumer scraps is the material you have, you better pay attention to the cost to sharpen blades and to the time it takes to open it up and put everything back together.
Blades are working with a shearing effect one against the other therefore when the edges of blades are gone, the machine will make a lot of force and production rate will decrease accordingly.