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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Extruder for plastic recycling are machines designed for production of pellets from scrap materials.
Even after a good washing and separtion line, flakes can still be a little contaminated, humid, and/or with some other problems.
To handle all this extruder, screenchanger and die-face cutter should be first class to get high production of a high quality pellet.
It took a while to get the right screw design, the proper feeding, the position of ventings and finally we got what we were looking for.
If you are looking for high production rates and steady quality output, please come to see us and we'll show a machine running with the material you like.
We'll be waiting for you.


Extruder for plastic recycling



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     EXTRUDER     130mm.   L/D=50/1,  two venting
              800 Kg/hour PS from flakes
           750  Kg/hour HDPE from bottle flakes
           750  Kg/hour HDPE from ground film flakes
           800 Kg/hour PP from anything
Which should be the characteristics of any extruder for pelletizing of plastics ?
- High production rate
- Low energy consumption
- Easy maintenance
- No downtime
And because most of everybody reading this does handle plastics coming from scraps:
- Good mixing
- Low degrading and oxidation
- Pelletize flakes with high moisture content
Yes, you may say, and what about price ?
We'll be talking about this as well.
Extruder is normally the very last machine after some pre-treatment system that can be a washing line, a separation line, a combination of both, a densifier, pellet mill or whatever else so, if what's going into the extruder is not very good, do not expect miracles just because they are not going to happen.
But some "little" mistakes can be corrected.
If you material has a little percent of some other plastic, for example, chances to get a good pellet are normally from good to excellent.
If your flakes still have 5% moisture content (and this is, as you know, a lot) we can show you pellets will be without any bubble and perfectly solid.
Production rate ?
What about 800 Kg/hour from a 130 mm. double vented extruder or 1300 Kg/hour from a 160 mm. ?
If see is to believe, you are invited to come over and we'll show it to you.
Any time.
We were talking about prices before, didn't we ?
If you are one of the many reading the last page of the offer first, forget about this, but if you run the numbers correctly, you divide all the costs by the production you get and then we can compare prices with any competition.