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The very firs scraps that has been recycled is post-industrial and this is easy to understand.
Post industrial scraps are easier to handle because, even if highly contaminated, have steady properties and you know exactly what you'll be dealing with.
And this is a damn good starting point.


 Post-industrial plastic scraps



Everybody knows how to recycle post-industrial scraps.
Normally, it is free from contaminations because it has a value and everybody takes a lot of care about it.
Sometimes it has a certain contamination (like multi layer materials of finished products with different plastics all together) but normally it is not difficult to handle because, at least, you know what's inside and you can set up your equipment accordingly.
Again, because it is an easy matter, not a lot can be said about this kind of plastic recycling.
For any industrial scraps recycling, please go to our machinery section.
And if you found something difficult please let us know.
We do like challenges.