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This may be written somewhere else in these pages but we'll never get tired to tell plastic recycling is not an easy business.
Because of this, please be so kind to read this page carefully and be sure you have what's needed to get you started the right way.
If you aren't sure about something ask for every possible detail and be positive the answers are the right ones.


 Starting a plastic recycling business



It may sound stupid but a lot of people out there think plastic recycling is the today's business and a lot of money can be done, right the very first minute.
Not true.
Even if you buy the very best, more reliable system in this world, you should know what you're doing otherwise no machine will deliver a good quality product at a good production rate; You just bought the machine and not the experience to run it.
So, if you put together a business plan, a serious one, and by the numbers you go even after first year of operation, you are in very good shape.
Before even thinking to go into the business, be absolutely positive about scraps sources that need to be affordable, reliable and in a quantity equal or in excess of 150% of your needing.
Knowing the source of scraps, you should get data about thickness, quantity and quality of contamination, the form of packaging, if scraps will be dry or wet and whatever else to make in position your machinery supplier to give you what you need and not expensive and/or usless machinery.
You'll be dealing with dirt, therefore try to find a building location where the dirt and noise don't bother anybody, with lot of energy available for present and future needs and, if possible, to a connection with a water treatment system of some sort, simply because washing line will remove dirt from plastic and this dirt doesn't disappear but goes into water.
Again, because you'll be dealing with dirt, take in serious consideration downtime due to regular maintenance, because you're going to get a lot of wearing, and straordinary as well because, doesn't matter what you do, an hammer will go through your last release, computerized, metal detector and it will fall into granulator making a mess.
You wait and see.
This to tell you to take it seriously, run your numbers on paper carefully, taking everything into consideration and then, cut it by half.
If this number still looks good, go ahead and do it.