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Because first things first, you may want to browse these few pages to gather some information about how not to make big mistakes right at the beginning.

With a good start you're half of the way while, with the wrong machinery your business may not be that profitable, if not worse.

So, before going to buy some expensive machinery, check them all in deep details and see if they are exactly what you were looking for.

At the opposite, be careful buying cheap stuff because  they may   not be satisfactory for your need.

Just remember you'll be dealing with dirty, bad smelling, sometimes wet scraps and the line should handle all this without suffering much.

Not to talk about stones, pieces of steel, an hammer here and there and............  you name it.


 Starting a plastic recycling business



This site explains our point of view about plastic recycling.
If you are just getting into it, stick on these starting pages  explaining the basics to avoid big mistakes right at the beginning.
And actually this has nothing to do with the fact we would like you to buy machinery from us; we are only talking about what to do, and especially what NOT to do, if you are a beginner.
For example, you should know a little bit about  plastic scraps
So, do not rush, take your time and read everything carefully because in this ocean there are a lot of sharks swimming, and most of them are even invisible.
For the "experts" we put together some pages with detailed data about both machinery and complete systems.
If you're not an expert please read this first machinery for plastic recycling or better, if you do know absolutely nothing about the subject start from here: before starting.
We are in this business since almost thirty years and this is the result of our expertise but, because there is always time to learn more, if you have a different opinion, please be so kind to let us know and we are ready to discuss the matter in deep details.
We'll never give up saying this is not an easy business and, if it is true you can make a bunch of money, the fact you can lose more is true as well.
At the state, recycling is not financed and only few countries are giving some kind of support and, in any case, after you start, you are by your own so, listen to this:
Try to plan the business in the long term; specially if you are starting from scratch it takes a while to get your money back.
When you have your brand new machine in place and running, it doesn't automatically mean you'll be getting money out of it.
You should know and understand the machine (and we think vice-versa as well) because no machine in this world accept everything so do not wait for miracles to happen; they never will.
You will find hammers and wrenches left  into scraps supply, and this not big deal, but also a piece of cotton fabric, orange skins and whatever possible you cannot even imagine.
Here we'll not be talking about the normal contamination you expect, because you bought a machine that can handle that, but about what you are not expecting.
All this to tell you this is a good business that needs to be approached the right way, with the right devices in terms of machinery but, much more, in terms of mentality.