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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
HDPE bottles recycling plants are very common all over the world because one of the simplest set up.
Paying attention to little things here and there, the line can be high capacity and very effective.


 HDPE plastic bottles and drums recycling



Washing of HDPE bottles and drums is a pretty easy matter.
For high capacity systems, always suggested, the first machine of the line will be a bales-breaker, delivering bottles on a conveyor belt for visual checking and removing of "non bottles" items, meaning dead rats and stuff like that.
After a metal-detector for granulator protection, bottles will converted into flakes for further separation from other plastics and dirt, final washing and drying.
With our washing machine cleaning results are guaranteed.
To get flakes clean, fresh water will be more than enough so no detergents or other chemicals are required, even for dirt sticking on drums surface.
The only thing you should really care about, specially when washing drums, is the water filtering and treatment before discharging to sour.
In most of cases in fact, an high  quantity of water is required.
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